Financial Report 2015 - Letter from Fr. John


Report to Parishioners                       

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

It is with great pleasure I present to you the Financial Report of St Barbara Church for the year ended June 30, 2015.  The finances of the parish are overseen by your Finance Council.  I rely on this Council for guidance and direction and I am thankful for their faith-filled stewardship of your donations.  Our finances are audited every three years at the direction of the Diocese, but in the interim your Finance Council serves that role, meeting each quarter, scrutinizing all transactions.  I am also thankful for the leadership of our Business Consultant, Mr. Anthony Depenbrock, who directs our fiscal operations.

I am pleased to report to you that we finished the year just ended with a slight surplus of $3,242, after setting aside funds for our current expansion.  Our surplus is largely attributable to our parishioner growth and your increasing contributions; on Sunday, to our Diocesan Annual Appeal (DPAA), to our Building Fund and from your Pledge Payments.  Good stewardship means we spent your gifts wisely.  Our parish operations continue to be centered on a strong spirit of volunteerism.  We accomplish much at minimal cost and tightly control all expenses.

Our membership continues to grow and on Sunday we always see new faces. Our programs continue to expand and our CCD classes are the largest we have ever experienced.   It is now more important than ever that all regular mass attendees be registered members so that we may know who you are and properly attend to your needs. If you have not registered, please do so now.

Our construction project is progressing well.  Thank you for your patience dealing with the mess during this period.  We hope to have a parish-wide opening celebration in November.  I am very thankful to those who have supported this project and invite anyone who has not done so, to prayerfully consider a gift so that everyone may participate in this endeavor. 

In my daily prayer, I ask God to give us guidance, to show us the path, we, as His people, should take to build up His kingdom here at St. Barbara.  I am ever thankful to you for your support of me and your financial gifts to our parish.  You allow God to work through you to accomplish His wonderful works.  Be assured of my prayers for you and I ask that you remember me in your prayers. 

 Yours gratefully in the Lord,


Fr. John Sterling