Financial Statement June 30, 2015


Financial Report for   St. Barbara Church


for the year ended June 30, 2015

Regular   Income                          
    Contributions   $596,374                  
    DPAA Refund    91,424                  
    Catholic Education Fund   31,855                  
    Fundraising Events   95,019                  
    CCD Fees     7,685                  
    Other     14,423                  
Special   income                          
    Pledge Drive Payments   879,809                  
    Building Fund Gifts and Benches 124,251                  
    Other Capital Fundraising   5,214                  
    Total Income     1,846,054                  
Regular   Expenses                          
    Pastoral Service and Administration 204,944                  
    Worship     11,367                  
    Religious Education and Youth   Ministry 66,190                  
    Christian Service   31,520                  
    Rectory     11,219                  
    Utilities, insurance, supplies and   maintenance 111,540                  
    Support of Schools   157,955                  
    Support of Diocese   50,784                  
Special   Expenses                          
    Phase III capital expenditures 1,112,293                  
    Reserved funds for future expansion 85,000                  
    Total Expenses     1,842,812                  
    Net increase      $3,242                  
St   Barbara Finance Committee                        
Terry   Mason, Chairperson                      
Norb   Baumann Dianne Bressler                      
Tony   Griffin Debbie Koch                      
Ted   Lorenz Fred Sloan                      
Cathy   Welz