Ministries Contact List

Advisement Counceling Assistance

  Annulments Deacon Chuck Melville 859-371-3100
  Budget Counseling Bernard Kaiser 859-486-1120
  COF Mark Hehman 859-468-4019
  VITA Kevin Byrne 859-384-2833

Christian Education

  Bible Study Rob Gronner 859-746-3044
  CCD/Pre-school/VBS Jackie Koop 859-371-3100
  RCIA Deacon Chuck Melville 859-371-3100

Church Committees

  Finance Council Tony Griffin 859-653-3209
  Pastoral Council Tina Bowen 859-640-8766
  Stewardship/Development John Mikula 859-468-0347
  Worship Committee Deacon Chuck Melville 859-371-3100
         Adoration Tracy Kidwell 859-750-4276
         Altar Society Marty Rohman 859-250-0693
         Childrens Liturgy Alicia Kemp 859-534-5944
         Eucharistic Ministers Erika Geiger 859-918-5357
         Special Ministers of
       Holy Communion
Mary Gregory 859-342-5723
         Hospitality Ministers Beth Penn 859-331-8131
         Lectors Pauline Baumann 859-341-8641
         Music Coordinator Jim Koop 859-746-8389
         Vocations Crucifix Debbi Vogt 859-344-1404
         Sacristans Anita Randall 859-356-4886
         Servers John Kidwell 859-750-3380
         Ushers Don Randall 859-356-4886

Fellowship and Social Committees    

  Caring 50+ Club Fred Spears 859-907-1457
  Crafty Ladies Mary Lorenz 859-363-1457
  Cursillo Community Jeff Jehn 859-512-5482
  Festival  Dave Pauly 859-384-8556
  Grounds/STP Club Jerry Dressman 859-746-1596
    Ken Guenther 859-630-7070
  Holy Dames Susie Curtis 606-922-3625
  Holy Name Society John Anneken 859-743-3936
  Young Adult Group Nolan & Katelyn Johnson 859-445-5305
   Youth Group John Kidwell 859-750-3380

Service and Outreach

  Bereavement Committee Patti Taylor 859-371-3100
  Crosstalk Pauline Baumann 859-341-8641
  Families for Life Connie Ehlen 859-356-7467
  Hearts & Hands Mimi Trenkamp 859-356-7640
    Anna Schack 859-803-6168
  Prayer Hot-line Marian Cummins 859-630-1015
  St. Vincent De Paul Dave Bazler 859-640-2480