Service and Outreach

Please check the Ministries Contact List or the back of bulletin for the latest ministry contact.

Bereavement Committee

This ministry leads bereaved families toward the Catholic liturgical tradition which offers reverence for death, peace, grace and hopefulness for those who remain. This ministry seeks to guide the grieving, so that memories of the loved ones are united to the Resurrection and to our life on earth. We interact with clergy to provide liturgies and opportunities for worship for families of the deceased. In addition the committee contacts the families of the deceased prior to the burial and assists with the preparation of the funeral liturgy, visitation, reception, etc. They also plan the special liturgy for All Souls’ Day in remembrance of all parishioners who died the past year.

If you feel that you can play a vital role in providing support to families who have lost loved ones please contact us to see how you can help.


Crosstalk Newsletter

This is a bimonthly newsletter that attempts to spread “the good news” of St. Barbara Parish to all the parishioners. The purpose of the Crosstalk is to excite and inform the parishioners about the amazing and varied activities that take place during the two month period we are covering. This is done in feature-type articles.

The Crosstalk is celebrating 20 years of covering the news of our parish. The staff is a loose-knit group of parishioners who enjoy writing and interacting with the parishioners they interview. Each issue  always includes a column from either Fr. Sterling or Deacon Melville, a report from the Youth Group, St. Henry Grade School, St. Henry District High School, and a calendar of upcoming events.

The newspaper staff meets once every two months, decides articles to be written. Writers are given almost a month to complete their task. If you feel that you want to help to contribute to this newsletter please see the bulletin for the latest contact information.

Families for Life 

Families for Life provides a structure through which people of all ages and abilities can channel their energy and direct their efforts to be involved in pro-life ministry in our parish, diocese and community. Our purpose is to educate and raise awareness for the Church’s teaching regarding the sanctity of life, through parish programs, activities, and service projects. They include the Spiritual Adoption Program, Baby Shower for area pregnancy centers, Cross the Bridge for Life, Field of White Crosses, and various other opportunities to foster awareness for respect for life from conception to natural death. Planning meetings are held when needed. All parishioners invited to become involved.


Family Promise  

Family Promise of Northern Kentucky is a nonprofit organization, located in Newport, Kentucky; our aim is to help create a solution for families experiencing homelessness. Family Promise of Northern Kentucky is the only location in the state of KY which accepts the family unit as a whole. Local churches, including St. Barbara have teamed up to support this organization. If you're interested in volunteering (no matter how limited your time) or would like more information, then please feel free to contact our parish coordinators, Michael Fay and Debbie Feldman.


Hearts and Hands

The purpose of the Hearts and Hands Health Ministry of St. Barbara's Church is to extend our hearts and hands to our faith community in a professional and personal manner, which will promote holistic wellness within the parishioners and the parish. By sharing the time and talents of this ministry we are bringing an appreciation and understanding of how body, mind and spirit make up the whole person and how they are linked to a spiritual growth and physical well-being.

The ministry continually looks for members who are nurses and health ministers (non-nurses) to share their unique talents surrounding good physical and spiritual health. Everyone is invited to share their related talents to this important ministry.

Hearts and Hands Ministry currently supports the parish and the community through the following opportunities:

  • Elizabeth Ministry - This ministry provides a gift of welcome to the newborn babies of St. Barbara parish, as well as a small gift to the new moms

  • Greeting Cards - Cards are sent to parishioners for holistic wellness (celebration,encouragement, congratulations, sympathy, etc)  and also to welcome new parishioners to our faith community.

  • Health Education and Promotion

  • Health Screenings - offering blood pressure screenings

  • Meals - delivering meals to those who are ill or blessed as new parents

  • Prayer Blankets - given to those having surgery or suffering from serious illness

  • Sick and Homebound

If you have talents that meet the requirements and are interested in becoming a part of this vital parish ministry, please contact us to see where you can be of assistance.


Prayer Hot-line 

The Prayer Hot-line is a ministry made of a handful of parishioners that help parishioners pray for specific requests.

St. Vincent De Paul

Members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (known as "Vincentians" ) are men and women who strive to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to individuals in need. We are young and old. Our members come in every shade of skin color. Some of us are wealthy, some are financially poor, but all of us are blessed with an awareness that our blessings (time, talent or treasure) are to be shared with our brothers and sisters in need.

The Society offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis. It is this personalized involvement that makes the work of the Society unique. This aid may take the form of intervention, consultation, or often through direct dollar or in-kind service. An essential precept of the Society's work is to provide help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served. The Society recognizes that it must assume, also, a role of advocacy for those who are defenseless or voiceless. Some 12 million persons are helped annually by Vincentians in the United States - more than 1,000 in the St. Barbara Parish boundaries.

Contact the parish office for more information if you are interested in joining our ministry.

Check out the videos below:

This short 9 minute video tells you the Society's mission and what it does This is the USA national SVdP video – about 9 minutes that summarizes visually who we are, what we do, etc.

Vinnies Family Animation - 3:30 minute video on what the Society does 

Copy of our 2021 Annual Report to the Parish