Financial Letter from Fr. John - 2019

Financial Report to Parishioners


Dear Fellow Parishioners,


It is with great pleasure I present to you the Financial Report of St. Barbara Church for the year ended, June 30, 2019. The finances of the parish are overseen by your Finance Committee.  I rely on this Committee for guidance and direction and I am thankful for their faith-filled stewardship of your donations.  Our finances are audited every three years at the direction of the Diocese, but in the interim your Finance Committee serves that role, meeting each quarter, reviewing reports.  I am also thankful for the leadership of our Business Consultant, Mr. Anthony Depenbrock, who directs our fiscal operations.


After a number of months removed from the parish, I am grateful that St. Barbara was able to run smoothly through the guidance and direction of Deacon Chuck Melville and our dedicated staff.  We are truly blessed to have such dedicated employees taking care of our parish operation and ministry.  I am also thankful to the many priests who have supported you and covered our daily and weekend masses.  Lastly, I am thankful to you for your care and concern and for your continuing payers and  support.


as a parish we continue to replenish our saving account which we used in the last several years to complete the Hall and Storage building construction.  We were blessed to have ample funds for these projects and by your continuing pledge payments and additional gifts to our building fund we are replacing the funds we have spent.


The spirit of volunteerism is the hallmark of St. Barbara Parish. We accomplish much at minimal cost because you do the work.  Our St. Vincent DePaul Society reaches hundreds of families in need with support and consolation.  The church is thoroughly cleaned each weekend by a dedicated team.  Our Friday morning Spare Time Parishioners accomplish many tasks; keeping our facilities neat and up-to-date.  Our office staff is supported by volunteers who help count the collection, record data and answer your telephone calls.  Thank you all so much.


Our parish is alive with new activities and lots of ways for you to engage in your faith.  The Welcome program (formerly CHRP) has been reformatted and offer a fresh opportunities for spiritual growth.  This fall we introduced our new Walking-with-Purpose program for women.  These leaders are on fire with the Holy Spirit and are reaching many within and outside our parish. Rocktoberfest is our biggest volunteer opportunity with over 900 parishioners in support.  Please avail yourself to these offerings.  They will enliven your faith and bring you closer to the family which is St.. Barbara parish.  You can find them on the APP, at our website, in the bulletin or by calling the office, 371-3100.


I regularly ask God to bless this parish and guide us.  Show us the path, we, as His people, should take to build up His kingdom here at St. Barbara. I am ever thankful to you for your support of me and your financial gifts to our parish.  You allow God to work through you to accomplish His wonderful works.  Be assured of my prayers for you and I ask that you remember me in your prayers.


Yours gratefully in the Lord,

Fr. John