RBG - Safety & Incident Action Plan

Rocktoberfest Safety & Incident Action Plan

Emergency Phone #’s 
Any Emergency requiring police/fire/medical: 911

Parish Address : 4042 Turkeyfoot Road  |  Erlanger, KY 41018  |  Office (859) 371-3100


Adult Games Dave Pauly 513-378-7874
Advertising / Promotional John Mikula 859-468-0347
  Molly Wheeler 859-240-7085
Bid N Buy / Festival Steering Tina Bowen 859-640-8766
Childrens Games Dawn DiVita 859-640-0806
Concessions - Beverage Gary Stegman 859-801-1818
Concessions - Food Chuck McHale 859-393-6147
Entertainment / Grand Raffle / Family Games Peggy Tuemler 859-866-2777
Finance John Wood 859 446 2836
Grounds Tony Buerger 859-760-4947
  Tom Duggan 859-446-2055
Pastor Fr. John Sterling 859-512-6386
Safety / Security Dave Jansing 859-743-1280


Festival Communications:
Motorola VHF radios will be utilized by festival personnel for on-grounds communications.  Security, festival steering committee members, cash office, parking supervisors, electricians, and grounds personnel will have radios.  A channel lineup will be distributed to everyone having radios for information on which entity is operating on which channel.

Life Safety Hazards:
Various crowd levels depending on time.  Midway with various rides that can fail. If any approaching severe storms, safety committee will confer with Police and festival personnel for possible evacuation to personal vehicles or inside church building after public address announcement.

Fire Loads:
Festival grounds with vinyl tent material on open sided booths and overhead tents have medium fire load. Church building/hall is of brick and lumber construction, with heavy lumber inside the nave and sanctuary areas of church, and block construction in the hall. Each being of medium fire load.

Hazardous Materials:
There are three grills at the southeast corner of the grounds.  Six fryers are also located within the same area of various food prep. There are a total of six (6) 20 lb. and six (6) 100 lb. propane tanks that fuel each of these units and spare tanks.

There is a self-contained diesel generator that powers all rides in the Midway area, however it will be isolated from the public. Various rides powered with electric supplied from that generator.

There are five diesel generators in the parking lot that power the lighting for the parking area.

Electric Shutoffs:
The main outdoor shutoff to the entire grounds is located behind the food tents at the southeast corner of the grounds. An auxiliary shutoff is located within the traffic island in the middle of the grounds in the grass parking island.

Propane Shutoffs:
Main propane shutoff can be found at main tank  - behind dumpster area in grass field. Manifold shutoffs can be found within the dumpster bay area

No Smoking:
Areas that are non-smoking should be marked NO SMOKING in English and in Spanish where appropriate

Safety and Security Personnel will be wearing florescent yellow T-shirts, prominently marked with “Security” in black.

Visitor Interaction:
It is the goal of St. Barbara’s to make the festival experience for all visitors be a pleasant one. Inherently, when alcoholic beverages are being served, patrons at times may not be on their best behavior after imbibing. Excessive drinking by patrons should be prevented by those serving beverages.  Volunteers working those booths and serving alcoholic beverages must refrain from serving any patron who appears to be intoxicated to the point of being a risk to themselves or others.  If, in the case of a patron who has been refused service becomes unruly, on-site police/security detail officers should be the only authority to handle that patron. Volunteers need only to observe and report, not physically involve themselves with the patron. Winning patrons from the “Liquor Ring Toss” booth are not permitted to open and consume their prizes on the grounds.  If observed, please notify security personnel.

Evacuation Procedure: 
It will be up to the police and festival staff to ensure proper evacuation procedures takes place due to the responding emergency personnel being busy with mitigation.  The first line of defense is to assure all people are out of harms way and are evacuated to a safe area inside the festival property away from the problem area.  If fire hose lines are in the roadway, festival staff must not permit automobiles to drive over hose lines.  In a hazardous materials incident, people will be evacuated upwind from the incident to a safe area.  If a hazardous material contaminates people, they must be contained in a designated area so they can be decontaminated, treated and evacuated, of which responding emergency personnel will establish and direct.

First Aid:
Should any patron need first aid/medical attention, you should take them, if possible to the First Aid/Security booth where a First Aid kit will be stationed.  This booth is located outside the front doors of the STERLING EVENT CENTER. EMT/Paramedic personnel may or may not be on premises however 911 should be called if necessary as soon as possible.

Inclement Weather: 
Should inclement weather threaten the festival, a “Weather Reaction Plan” will be implemented by the festival team. 
Booth Captains should do the following in the event of a Weather Warning:

  1. Listen for a “weather warning” announcement from the festival announcer on the public address system.
  2. Be attentive to instructions from the Chairperson responsible for your booth.
  3. Expect a cash run from the festival team (as soon as you hear the warning) to minimize the amount of cash on the festival grounds.
  4. Continue operation of the booth during update announcements given over
    the PA system.
  5. Remain attentive for possible “Weather-Take Cover” announcement, and
    when heard:
    1. Reasonably secure all equipment in your booth, lay game wheels flat on ground, pull all prizes and supplies under canopy
    2. Secure all money in the booth (from other workers) place into your cashbox and carry with you to the shelter.
    3. Relay instructions to guests in the vicinity of your booth to take appropriate shelter.
    4. In case of rain & lightning, shelter inside Church & Church hall
    5. In case of tornado/high wind, shelter inside Church Hall

General activities for Security ONLY:

In Preparation for Festival:

  1. Make arrangements for two way radio communications 
  2. Make arrangements for Uniformed Police 
  3. Secure adequate number of Experienced Security Personnel

Prior to start of Festival:       

  1. The LP gas appliances including the cylinders of gas shall be soap tested for leaks and proper connections.
  2. Inspect the Class K fire extinguishers located at each of the frying stations 
  3. Check the grounds for any "trip hazards"
  4. Confirm proper Signage at the Alcohol booths

During Festival:                    

  1. Routinely patrol the grounds
  2. Treat injuries 
  3. Set up Lost & Found (People & Items) 
  4. Accompany Finance during money collection at each booth
  5. Assist Bid & Buy Booth at closing
  6. Assist Progressive Cornhole at closing




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