Advisement Counceling Assistance

Deacon Chuck Melville - (859) 371-3100

When a person has been a party in a divorce, and wishes to marry in the Catholic Church, they will need to establish their freedom to marry. The annulment process is complex and currently a committee established by our Holy Father, Pope Francis, endeavors to review the process and perhaps to alter it. For further information regarding the annulment process, please contact the parish office and we would be glad to advise you in this process.


Budget Counseling
Bernard Kaiser - (859) 486-1120

Making ends meet is sometimes no easy task even for the financially stable in this economy. If you need assistance on how to establish a budget and how to manage your finances, please contact the office and we will connect you with someone who can help.


Catholic Order of Foresters (COF)
Mark Hehman - (859) 468-4019

COF is a Catholic life insurance company that supports the Catholic community through fraternal outreach, while helping members achieve financial security.

As a Ministry of St. Barbara Church, COF realizes that no one likes to think about needing life insurance or even dying. But it’s a subject you must address or your loved ones risk suffering financially if you’re no longer here to provide for them.

Your membership with COF comes with the added value. In 2008, COF launched its national service project, “Feeding God’s Children.” This annual event, plus the activities of our youth group, help us achieve our mission of providing members with spiritual, social, and community outreach as we serve the needs of others.


VITA Volunteer
Kevin Byrne - (859) 384-2833

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) volunteers provide FREE Income Tax Preparation Assistance to low-Income, elderly, disabled and limited English-speaking people. Volunteers are trained and certified by the IRS.