RBG - Bid N Buy

Bid N Buy

Items Needed:

  • Credit Card Machines
  • Clipboards
  • Pens
  • Chalk Board
  • Peg Boards with “J” hook
  • Clips
  • Duct tape
  • Lighting for tables
  • Bid N Buy items
  • Fans


  1. Bidding is mainly started at 25% of the value, depending on the value of the donation.  Some items are judged on an individual basis depending on the item and its value.
  2. Two or three people are needed in the booth at all times to monitor the merchandise.  More may be needed at the closing to run the credit card machine and cash out and as “runners” to collect the items for the bidder.
  3. Bidding closes 1 hour before the festival closes on Friday & Saturday and 1 hour before closing on Sunday.  After bidding closes each day, bidders that are not present are called and given the option to pick up their item that night or meet the next evening between 6:30-8:00 in the church hall to pick up their merchandise.
  4. New items are auctioned each day. 
  5. The larger and more valuable items are open all 3 days with the final bidding on Sunday.

Working/Walking the Tent: 

Workers assigned during festival hours prior to bid closing:

  • Bid N Buy workers will wear a tag that says _BID N BUY while working
  • Walk the booth periodically making sure that no one picks up or takes anything
  • Workers will have pens in red/orange or purple ink to check bidding
  • Workers need to check bid sheets to make sure bids are done correctly


If bid sheet says:  minimum raise is $5.00 –and the person writes 2.00 that is a NON VALID BID.   The worker then crosses it off and intials it w/the different colored ink pen.   Bid have to start at the minimum bid as well.

  • If you get questions from those looking at bid items, and you don’t know the answer, ask the Chair or Captain.
  • Buy now options will be limited to a few each night. Those will handled by the booth Chair or Captain

Bidding closes at 10 pm on Friday and Saturday and 6 pm on Sunday.

If you  are working the late shift on Friday & Saturday-  help putting all weekend items back would be appreciated on Friday and Saturday.

Check Out:

  • Check out for Friday and Saturday is 10 pm. 6 pm on Sunday
  • Countdown is down and everyone has to leave the tent except workers
  • We do not let people inside the tent until all bid sheets are taken up
  • Check out workers put sheets in order and preps to take payments
  • Bid Winners are then let back inside to in line and pay and take their basket with them
  • Someone will be designated to handle and organize payments
  • Once everyone has gone through the remaining items are put back inside the bid n buy room

**Phone calls are started to let bid winners know.

Booth Setup/Take Down:

  • Set up starts about 2 hours prior to the festival start time.
  • Rolling shelves and addtional carts will be used to transport items to tents when needed
  • Delicate items may need to be hand carried
  • Place on table and someone will direct the staging and look of tent
  • All weekend items will be on the right side-from main entrance
  • Blue tablecloths will be used for all weekend items
  • Black tablecloths for nightly items
  • S hooks will be available to hang items on the peg boards that are mounted
  • Clipboards and pens are placed in front of the item
  • BnB Chair will place the bid sheets on the clipboard
  • Signage will be place around the table needed
  • Signs to hang in the tent should already be in place/along w/any décor

Edits made 7/15/22



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