RBG - Statement of Purpose


Recognizing the binding force a festival can have on a parish, Rev. John Sterling, our pastor, requested that the parish pursue a parish festival. It has been 18 years since St Barbara parish last conducted a festival. It is felt that such activity energizes a parish, enlivens its spirit, and reaches out to new talent within the community. We therefore set forth the following as our festival goal/purpose:

First, we desire to enliven the Existing Parish Membership. Through this activity we hope to engage more parishioners with differing skills in this event and, ultimately, into other parish ministries. We wish to learn more about each other make new friends and strengthen our relationships with each other as a community of faith.  By strengthening these relationships we hope to grow as a worshiping community as stated in our mission statement:


We, the saints and sinners of St. Barbara’s Parish, are a Roman Catholic community. Through joyful Eucharistic worship and loving community, we strive through Jesus and the Holy Spirit to build the Kingdom of God on earth as we prepare for the Kingdom of Heaven. We seek to serve others individually and as a parish according to God’s plan for us; we are the Body of Christ.

Second, we recognize our faith community at St Barbara is growing very rapidly. Through this festival we wish to give witness to our Enthusiastic Spirituality and Dynamic Faith to the greater Northern Kentucky Catholic community. We endeavor to make St. Barbara known as warm and energetic parish of the Diocese of Covington; a place where Catholics will want to come to worship. Through our witness, we welcome new members to join us and become full active members.

Third, we will Welcome our Non-Catholic Neighbors in the surrounding community. We recognize events such as these are evangelizing moments. We desire our neighbors to see St. Barbara as an alive and fun faith-filled community. We will be welcoming, helpful and attentive to the needs of our attendees. Through this endeavor we wish to draw more people to our faith in fulfillment of our Mission.

Fourth, we will make the festival a Self-Supporting Activity of the parish and not diminish parish resources. We will endeavor to make the event a profitable venture so that any funds so raised will be used to continue the ministries of our church, help us fulfill our Mission and to meet the purposes above.

June 2011